Letter to Supporters: What's next for Canada's digital future?

We work to empower you to fight for a strong digital future, and an open, affordable, and surveillance-free Internet. Our work is only successful because of the input and energy provided by our supporters. Please send us your thoughts using our short pro-Internet survey, and help shape our work going forward.

Take action!

The threats to the open, affordable, surveillance-free Internet aren’t going away. Whether those threats come from industry lobbyists bent on protecting outdated business models, price-gouging big telecom companies, or out-of-touch government officials, to win we’re going to need smart strategies, innovative engagement tools, and most importantly, a growing pro-Internet community.

At OpenMedia.ca we're planning our next steps and your input is crucial. The Internet impacts every aspect of our lives, and we all deserve a say in its future. How do you want to safeguard the open, affordable, surveillance-free Internet?

Please take a moment to provide key input now.

By participating in our campaigns and giving through donations that sustain our work, pro-Internet Canadians make us what we are: a grassroots community-led organization. Your participation also serves to remind our small staff that we work for you. This is why we want to know what you think we should focus on going forward.

Your input is crucial to our work. As Big Telecom gets bigger, and as restrictive legislation like the online spying bill and the copyright bill looms, we can’t afford to make mistakes.

We increase our momentum and success when we tap into the ingenuity and creativity of people like you in the pro-Internet community. Please take a moment to give us essential input though our short pro-Internet survey. We’ll be analyzing the results in the coming days, so please speak up now.

We can only stand up for a strong digital future if we expand our reach and sophistication, and the best ideas always come from pro-Internet community members like you. Share your thoughts with us today.

With determination,

Shea and Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia.ca team

P.S. After you’ve provided your input please consider amplifying your voice by contributing to our work. We can only keep going because of people like you.