Letter to Supporters: What is the cost of the Internet?

As big phone and cable companies raise prices across the board, two studies have just found that they are charging us upwards of $10 per gigabyte of traffic when it costs them as little as $0.01 - a 100,000% mark up!

Bell recently made an attempt to save face by proposing a new “Average Volume Pricing” scheme. This has now been outed as an effort “to placate the political and regulatory backlash against them while at the same time trying to maintain the [usage pricing] concept."

Big telecom companies are doing everything they can to stop phone and Internet price gouging from becoming an election issue. They’ve even bought up ad space for major search words, including “stop the meter”.

Independent ISP Acanac has generously stepped up to provide matching funds if we raise $5,000 in the next 24 hours. Since we’re a small dynamic group, Acanac’s support will be a huge leg up for our election activities if we reach this target. Donate now to kick-start the Vote for the Internet campaign. Every bit counts.

Reaching this target is the only way we can build the online action tools we need. This is a unique opportunity to move politics, to stop Big Telecom price gouging, and to beat Bell’s PR machine.

Chip in today and become a founding contributor to the Vote for the Internet campaign.

You helped blow open the closed-door CRTC forums last week. You got us meetings with the Conservative Industry Minister and Liberal Industry Critic. Now what if we use this election to transform our communications system and, in the process, move politics once again?

For the Internet,

Lindsey and the OpenMedia.ca community

PS. The Stop The Meter campaign has taught us that when citizens engage en masse in the political process, they can and do win. The upcoming election is an opportunity for us to do it again -- let’s.