Letter to Supporters: We've reached our goal already, so we're stepping up the campaign.

We asked for $15,000 dollars in 48hrs to unleash matching funds from indie ISPs Acanac and Teksavvy, and we surpassed our goal in the first day. Thank YOU! This is exciting!

More good news: we still have 24hrs in our fundraising drive and Teksavvy and Acanac have decided that they will provide additional matching funds if we raise another $5,000 dollars.
Please chip in here: http://openmedia.ca/drive
This support will help us deepen our policy work and step up our outreach even further, at a key time.
We’ve received word that the CRTC is planning a set of invitation-only meetings with “stakeholders” on March 23-24 in Ottawa, where online broadcasting will be a major issue. Without the watchful eye of the public, these meetings could become yet another big telecom lobbying bonanza.  We’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well.
With your support we’ll do our best to ensure someone is representing Canadians at those meetings. You can help by getting us to our goal today.

Some key updates on our campaign:
CRTC Process begins
Check out our first submission to the CRTC’s UBB proceeding - remember, this is the one that you forced them to hold. Along with several other groups, OpenMedia.ca is calling for the CRTC to overhaul their entire pricing regime. To stay updated on the process, bookmark our website, Facebook page or Twitter.
Stop The Meter National Day of Action
Get involved with our National Day of Action this Saturday at 1 PM. Check out this video explaining what some people are doing. Help us reach half a million signatures on our petition!         
Here's what you need to do:
1) Print off five copies of the Stop The Meter CRTC Petition:www.openmedia.ca/meter/toolkit
2) Bring a pen and a clipboard.
3) Pick a location and meet local supporters this Saturday at 1pm
4) Join up with one or two more people.
5) Walk around public places (busy streets, bus stations, campuses, coffee shops, mall entrances, etc) asking Canadians to sign the petition calling on Ottawa to "Stop The Meter and end Internet caps."
6) Head back to your original meeting place.
7) Leave your signed petitions with one person who will then MAIL THEM BACK to OpenMedia.ca's office in Vancouver. Address is on the petition.
That's IT!
If you can't make it out on Saturday you can still take part by writing letters to your local MP, creating educational videos about StopTheMeter.ca, reaching out online, passing the petition around your office or school etc. - anything that helps educate Canadians about these new Internet fees. We've got some educational resources to help you out.
*If you take pictures, post videos or do anything else online please tag it with "StopTheMeter" and link back to the petition at http://stopthemeter.ca
This is where Canadians take a stand against the big phone and cable companies that have been gouging us for years.
In closing, check out Rick Mercer’s hilarious bit about our “Gouge-Based Heritage”. Share it on Facebook via this link: http://on.fb.me/gMzrl5
For the Internet,
The OpenMedia.ca Team -- Steve, Lindsey, Reilly, Shea, Glyn, and all of our volunteers
PS. Please don’t forget to support us today while we have matching funds available.  
*OpenMedia.ca is a registered non-profit organization that relies on donations to operate.  
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