Letter to Supporters: An irresponsible PR campaign that targets you

We're planning to build an online tool that empowers Canadians to communicate with the press.

At this absolutely crucial moment, when online surveillance is still set to become a reality, this immediate direct action could make all the difference.

Despite the fact that 8 in 10 Canadians are against warrantless and costly online spying, the government remains stubbornly set on cementing the scheme into law. They’ve now unleashed a reckless and irresponsible PR campaign that suggests warrantless collection of our private data is “on par with the phone book.” We can’t let them trick Canadians.

The government has millions in its PR budget, but you and I know from experience that innovative online tactics are more effective in spreading the word. We need your support to bring these tactics to Canadians now.

Please donate now to help us respond to the government’s PR campaign with our new online outreach tools...while there’s still time.

Here’s our plan:

  1. Build a first-of-its-kind online tool that will make it easy for Canadians to sound the alarm in newspapers across the country.
  2. Launch a custom-built mobile version of our successful Stop Spying petition.

Nobody thought we could convince the government to delay its online spying legislation, but with your 75,000 voices, that’s exactly what we did. We’re not done yet—the invasive spying plan is still set to become a reality.

Don’t let the government undo the progress we’ve made.
Donate now, before it’s too late.

Canadians across the country have spoken out against invasive and costly online spying legislation, but winning the debate in the media is crucial. OpenMedia.ca is known for its online outreach tools—we know they work, but we can’t develop the next batch without your help.

Now—at the heart of decision-making time—a stunning campaign, targeted at the press, could change everything. Just a small donation today will make a difference. Please chip in now to make it happen.

For the Internet,

Lindsey, Shea, Reilly, and Steve—The OpenMedia.ca Team

P.S. These new laws threaten our privacy, free expression, the security of our personal information, and our budgets, at a time when the economy is already unstable. If we don’t show a wave of opposition to them, they will definitely be passed. Let’s get Canadian voices in the press now.

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