Letter to Supporters: Do you realize that you made history this year?

Your participation in a reliable base of support is the crucial component we need to keep fighting for the open and affordable Internet.

How often does government admit it’s wrong? Regulators were set on allowing Big Telecom to impose an expensive pay-meter on our Internet, but you said "enough is enough." Canada’s chief regulator has since admitted, "our critics were right." Because of you, they turned 180 degrees on Big Telecom price-gouging this year.

Please help us continue making history in 2012: join our monthly giving program today.

Canada's largest online community was formed in 2011, and you were part of it. This truly is the beginning of a new era for the Internet in Canada.

Our goal for 2012 is simple: as the Big Telecom lobby machine redoubles its efforts, the pro-Internet community—the newly-formed immune system of the Internet in Canada—must push back. We’re prepared to defend the Internet against attacks on our wallet, our choice, and our freedom to connect.

We can’t do it without you. Big Telecom and the government won’t let up in 2012, so we’re asking you to stand up for the Internet. As a monthly donor, or “OpenMedia.ca Ally,” your support will be the backbone for the fight for an open and affordable Internet in Canada. Even $3 per month will have a huge impact.

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With hope,

Steve, Reilly, Lindsey & Shea

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