CRTC's Municipal Access Agreement: One Model to Rule Them All

After ten years of wingin’ it, the CRTC has decided to put pen to paper and draft a model Municipal Access Agreement (MAA). Spurred by the increasing number of telecommunication carriers, and the rising demand for access to municipal property, the model agreement will readily guide discussion between municipalities and Canadian carriers. Through its creation the Commission hopes to alleviate the burden of costly negotiations, and steer clear of the occasional partisan impasse. The model agreement will also provide Canadians a chance to potentially shape the terms of telecommunication development in their respective municipalities.

The Commission will seek comments through a ‘two-step’ process. Beginning with a call for public comments, the Commission will then establish a working group — the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) — to develop the Commission’s interpretation of the public’s consultation. Comments are currently open and will close 11 November 2011 for intervening parties and 6 March 2012 for observers.

I encourage anyone with a valuable insight, vested interest, or a strong opinion on the matter to write the CRTC and let their voice be heard.

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