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The CRTC recently announced that it is looking into creating minimum national standards to protect wireless customers, and is now asking Canadians for input. After receiving several requests to create a national code from Big Telecom as well as from public interest groups, the CRTC is now asking for your comments.

This move comes after a number of provinces (Quebec and Manitoba) introduced consumer protection legislation around cell phones.

National standards for the wireless industry would serve to create a basic set of service standards nationwide and avoid the variation of standards from province-to-province. While the code would not govern pricing, it’s important to keep in mind that it could potentially affect the framework for wireless competition in Canada and ultimately a large part of our digital economy.

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This call for citizen input from the CRTC came at the same time as the release of financial information of companies that Canadian TV and broadcasting, which also mostly happen to be among the Big Three wireless providers. Clearly there is a great deal of cross-media concentration across Canada. However by using your input, the CRTC can help improve the state of Canada’s digital economy.

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