Citizen engagement meets policy work as we push for strong national rules to protect cell phone users

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We at have been working hard to ensure your voices are heard as the CRTC works to develop national rules to protect cell phone users.

If we’re successful this Code of Conduct could play a big role in increasing cell phone providers’ transparency, curbing certain price-gouging practices, and dialing back the all-too-common punitive long-term cell phone service contracts. As only three large companies continue to control 94% of Canada’s wireless market, the CRTC rules could help reduce Canadians’ frustrations and could also play a critical role in enabling more choice.

Many of you have been engaged in this proceeding from the start—thousands of you even called on the CRTC to develop these rules in the first place—and have informed the Wireless Code of Conduct proceeding by sending in your cell phone horror stories, which we also used to inform our report Time for an Upgrade and its recommendations.

To compliment our citizen engagement work and to help push for favourable policy outcomes, the team have also been working with our lawyerly friends at CIPPIC to deliver formal submissions to the CRTC, and to present at their Code of Conduct hearing in Gatineau, Québec. For your easy reference, here are link to the three key documents from our policy work on this proceeding:

Submission to the CRTC: Initial comments on the proposed Code of Conduct
Opening oral remarks for the Code of Conduct hearing (video here)
Submission to the CRTC: Final reply comments for the proceeding (newly added!)

You’ll notice that whenever we can, we bring your thoughts and stories to policymakers; that’s why it’s so important that we continue to hear from you. Please join in the conversations on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, and be sure to sign and share the petition to demand choice for the future of Canada’s telecom market.

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