Belarus's Internet spy bills are eerily familiar

What does the Harper Government have in common with “Europe’s last dicator”? If your guess is cracking down on Internet freedoms you're (unfortunately) correct. You’ll also know what to expect if Canada’s online spy bills are left unchallenged.

According to an AP article, Belarus’ authoritarian government passed a law that forces ISPs to monitor Internet users (Globe & Mail, Saturday, Jan 7, 2011). Sadly, there's little reason to view Belarus’s oppressive policies on Internet freedoms as an exotic one-off occurring in some far-off land.

Harper’s Conservatives have a similar dystopian picture in mind that includes warrantless access to sensitive user information by law enforcement officials (LEAs), reduced standards for receiving warrants, and forcing ISPs to build costly "back doors" for LEAs to have unfettered access (a cost that will be passed on to you, the user).

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