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The Massive Stakes for Your Privacy in the Teksavvy Vs Voltage Case

I raised a lot of eyebrows on my last post regarding the Teksavvy vs. Voltage case, so I’d thought I’d follow up with this post. Questions on why I’m so passionate about privacy and copyright should be pretty much answered after this post, and why I’ve chosen to speak out on both of those issues.

Consumers sense of insecurity can have a lot more negative consequences on a much broader scale than just copyright allegations. Right or wrong, if you do any business in Canada you know that Canadian consumers have a reasonable expectation of privacy that is with the company they do business with, and also contracted as such in most cases. Read more »

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Canadian Gamers Put out Consumer Warning on Black Ops 2

Due to the sheer numbers of gaming consumers having significant issues with the new Black Ops 2 and the seriousness of the problem, the Canadian Gamers Organization (CGO) is issuing a consumer warning for the newest release of Black Ops 2.The problems gamers are reporting are significant hard freezes (which can damage gaming consoles), connectivity problems in game, and not being able to redeem special bonus codes on the PS3 gaming system. Read more »

Activision Under Investigation for False Advertising

Just a follow up to this previous post in February explaining how Activision mislead consumers on the new Call of Duty Elite Premium service. The Competition Bureau of Canada got back to us. They do not deal with false or misleading advertising complaints relating to online media from consumers, however the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services in Ontario where we are based does. Read more »

New Digital Policy and Current Events Podcast

Canadian Gamer Organization’s co-founder Jason Koblovsky has started up a new digital policy podcast called CDNTech Network. The podcast will focus on a number of issues which include Canadian digital policy, and digital current events. Combining both his post-secondary studies in Broadcast Journalism and Computer Sciences, Koblovsky says this is one area he’s always wanted to explore. Koblovsky states that not a lot of homegrown podcasts, or Canadian tech media are currently focused on digital policy issues. Read more »

CRTC Closes Gamers File

The Canadian Gamers Organization (CGO) has received word through a public, highly self congratulatory and seemingly politically motivated release from the CRTC championing that a CRTC investigation has stopped Rogers from throttling. CGO warns that ISPs still have the right under CRTC policy to bring throttling back at any time without prior approval. Read more »

Acting CRTC Chair Gives Thumbs Up to CGO

Yesterday acting CRTC Chair Leonard Katz mentioned the Canadian Gamers Organization efforts on Internet traffic management practices [ITMP]. A bit of a spelling mistake on our organizations name but we can live with that. While it’s nice to see our organization at the forefront of making a difference for consumers, it’s important to note that Rogers has yet to provide the requested exit strategy from ITMP the CRTC requested in February this year. Read more »

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