Is the U.S. FCC really about to destroy the Open Internet?

It looks like there's some bad news coming out of the United States.

Headlines across the country are suggesting that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, has announced new rules that could destroy the Open Internet.The rules will allow giant media conglomerates to buy faster access, leaving everyone else in the slow lane. If passed, these extreme proposals would mean there will be a “fast lane” for companies that can pay, and a “slow lane” for those who cannot. Read more »

iPolitics: Vancouver group OpenMedia calls on Harper, Obama to release TPP text

We've been fighting hard to Stop the Secrecy at the TPP negotiations, and our efforts are having a strong effect. Over 2.8 million people have signed on to help us project a hard-hitting message on prominent Washington, D.C. buildings. Have you gone to and signed on yet?

Article by Olesia Plokhii for iPolitics

A Canadian internet freedom group is spearheading a global campaign to open up trade talks underway in Asia that critics charge could criminalize internet users and hurt the environment.

The Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, a complex, wide-ranging trade deal, has been under negotiation since 2005, with lawmakers from 12 participating countries, including Canada and the U.S., trying to reach a compromise on contentious provisions found in the deal’s 29 chapters.

U.S. president Barack Obama arrives in Asia Wednesday for bilateral talks with Japan and Malaysia, both signatories to the deal, to try and push the talks into the home stretch before a planned TPP summit in Vietnam in May.

- Read more at iPolitics

Your OpenMedia team is now on Tumblr!

Our Stop the Secrecy campaign launched Tuesday - and already we’re having a major impact, with over 2.8 million people calling for an end to the secrecy surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We’ve just launched our hard-hitting “bat signal” in Washington D.C., and we thought what better way to share these images than by launching them on a new OpenMedia Tumblr.

We’re big fans of Tumblr here at OpenMedia and we know it will be a great way for our community to keep up with this and other OpenMedia campaigns, and to share the latest developments and photos with your friends. Check out our brand new page at Read more »

Check it out: our first Stop The Secrecy projection in Washington, DC

Here’s what those in our Washington D.C. embassy should be saying about the secretive TPP talks if the government was really representing the views of Canadians.

This is just the start of the Stop The Secrecy campaign’s projections in Washington D.C. They will get bigger and brighter as more people speak out at

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