Check out what experts had to say at our Privacy Town Hall earlier today

Earlier today we held a Privacy Town Hall to launch Canada's Privacy Plan - our crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan that was shaped by over 125,000 everyday Canadians.

Check out what people had to say:

We had great expert guests to cover all the bases - thanks to each and every one of them for taking part: 
Cindy Blackstock, Gitxsan activist for child welfare
  • Brett Gaylor Canadian documentary filmmaker and creator of Do Not Track
  • David Christopher, lead author of OpenMedia's "Canada’s Privacy Plan"

Topics: Online Spying

Join OpenMedia on May 20th for a Social Media Town Hall on Privacy

Are you worried about the possible implications of Bill C-51? Do you want to ask key Canadian privacy experts about how to address the country's privacy deficit? Well, we’ve got great news for you - we’re organizing a Privacy Town Hall on Wednesday May 20th from 2-3pm ET (11am-Noon PT). Read more »

Topics: Online Spying

News 1130: Are you getting the Internet speeds you pay for?

Are you getting the Internet speeds you pay for? The CRTC has a new way for you to find out.

Article by Martin MacMahon for News 1130

We’ve all complained at one point or another about slow Internet speeds, but now we’ll have a way of actually finding out if providers are as fast as they claim.

Regulators are looking for volunteers as they prepare to monitor and compare the speeds of the top providers.

The CRTC will monitor speeds for 6,200 volunteers to get an idea of how providers are actually performing.

“Other countries around the world have been doing speed audits for years, including the UK and United States. It’s a great way for the CRTC to really have a finger on the pulse of Canada’s Internet,” says Josh Tabish with Internet watchdog OpenMedia.

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NY Times: The verdict is in on Obama's efforts to sell the top secret TPP

“A snow job” - that’s the verdict of this Nobel Prize-winning economist on Obama’s efforts to sell his top-secret TPP.

Article by Paul Krugman for The New York Times

One of the Obama administration’s underrated virtues is its intellectual honesty. Yes, Republicans see deception and sinister ulterior motives everywhere, but they’re just projecting. The truth is that, in the policy areas I follow, this White House has been remarkably clear and straightforward about what it’s doing and why.

Every area, that is, except one: international trade and investment.

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Canadians to Spy Agencies: Get a warrant!

A version of this article by our David Christopher was originally published by The Tyee, as part of a new series about Canada's Privacy Plan

Shouldn’t we have the same right to privacy in our digital homes, as we do in our bricks-and-mortar homes?

That’s just one of the questions Canadians are asking after CBC News revealed that the government’s spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), has been targeting popular mobile browsers and App Stores - leaving millions at risk of having their private data hacked.

This is just the latest in a long series of revelations about how the government has been spying on our private online activities on a massive scale - without ever going to a judge to ask for a warrant.

Earlier this week, we launched a crowdsourced pro-privacy action plan, to tackle these and other concerns. The early reception has been positive, with the federal Privacy Commissioner stating that he “shared many of the views expressed by participants in this project”.

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