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*UPDATE: On February 11, 2013 the government bowed to public pressure and killed online spying bill C-30! But we need to remain vigilant as threats to our privacy continue through Bill C-12 and other government proposals. Canadians won this round but the government has not given us a firm pro-privacy commitment, and we must keep the pressure on stop invasive and costly online spying initiatives. Please send a message -->


Would you want up to three billion dollars of your country’s tax dollars spent on your own online surveillance? How would you feel if Public Safety Minister Vic Toews had already quietly set aside your money for such a scheme?

This isn’t a hypothetical question. If passed, online spying bill C-30 will have you paying for a range of authorities to invasively access your private online information, at any time, without a warrant. The warrantless online spying plan is invasive and poorly thought-out, and one expert is saying it could cost billions of dollars.1

Toews has already set aside millions of your tax dollars just to get the online spying plan started,2 and just last week he told media that the government is still “intent on proceeding” with the wildly unpopular bill.3,4

We know from experience that MPs get the message5 when contacted by local constituents, and there’s only a small window of opportunity to stop this scheme. Please fill in the form on the right to send a message to party leaders and your Member of Parliament today>>>

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[1] Read our summary, Christopher Parsons: $80 Million dollars for Lawful Access Bill C-30 is a tall guesstimate, or find the original article here.
[2] Law professor Michael Geist recently reported that “the Public Safety Report on Plans and Priorities for the coming year include a commitment to advance lawful access legislation and an allocation of $2.1 million specifically earmarked for the issue.”
[3] Article from CBC News: Internet surveillance bill not dead, Toews says
[4] Blog: Stop Online Spying hits 100k: Canadians are an inspiration
[5] Here's what you sent:

As one of your local constituents, I am calling on you to take a stand against warrantless online spying legislation in Canada. Please visit to become a Pro-Privacy MP today.

By becoming a Pro-Privacy MP, you'd be working with Canadians to ensure that any Lawful Access legislation respects our privacy, security, and personal budgets.

I oppose the government's invasive and costly online spying plan. The online spying ("Lawful Access") bills are poorly thought out, and irresponsibly allow a range of authorities to access the personal information of any Canadian, at anytime, without a warrant. This unchecked mass surveillance is a breach of my fundamental right to privacy, and I’m one of the over 117,000 who have signed the Stop Online Spying petition.

As my Member of Parliament, I'm counting on you to ensure that my personal data, privacy, and family budget are safeguarded. Please be aware that, as CBC recently reported, this spying plan will cost Canadians over 80 million dollars. I refuse to pay authorities to invade my privacy.

Right now you have a unique opportunity to let your constituents know where you stand, and I want to hear from you. I'll be watching this closely via action alerts and updates from, a non-partisan grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open and affordable