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Stop Online Spying Position Statement

The Stop Online Spying campaign is supported by a group of public interest organizations, businesses, and concerned academics that have come together to encourage the Government to reconsider its pending "Lawful Access" legislation (Formerly Bills C-50, C-51, and C-52). We believe the proposed legislation, which would enable warrantless surveillance of online activities, is invasive, excessive and costly.

The Stop Online Spying campaign submits that:

  1. Any proposals to expand telecommunications surveillance must be based on a clear need for new powers, which must be demonstrated by evidence.
  2. Since increasing surveillance capacity will compromise the security of networks, the Government must commission an independent report detailing the consequences for network security for any proposal that increases surveillance capacity. This report must be reviewed by Parliamentarians and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner prior to Parliamentary debating legislative proposals to expand telecommunications surveillance.
  3. Any new powers or capabilities that allow investigators to track, search and seize digital information and/or information about telecommunciations customers must include comprehensive internal controls, clear oversight, meaningful deterrents and a system of enforcement.
  4. Any new costs that are imposed on Canadians or Canadian businesses should be clearly detailed in the legislation and should be minimized to the greatest extent possible.
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