Video | Fresh Media Remixology 2: Harnessing the Crowd

Whether you missed it or you just miss it, this is for you. Fresh Media's Remixology 2: Harnessing the Crowd explored the crowdsourcing/collaboration/openeverything continuum, and featured local crowdsourcing innovators and experts, including Alfred Hermida (online news pioneer, professor of integrated journalism at the UBC), Leigh Christie (co-founder of eatART), and David Ascher (CEO of Mozilla Messaging). Before opening up for dialogue, these panelists spoke briefly about their own experiences from their respective journalism, creative, and open web backgrounds.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

Remixology 3 will be streamed live at This month's topic is Throwing a Party in a Glass House: Tales of Risktaking, Change and Transformation at CBC Radio 3

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