What scares you the most about cell phone service in Canada?

What's your cell phone horror story?

Canadians pay some of the highest prices for some of the worst cell phone service in the industrialized world. That’s because the government has coddled three telecom giants that now control nearly 94% of market.

Right now policy-makers are considering new rules to create more cell phone choice and affordability. They need to know how you feel about abusive service from the Big Three cell phone giants. Let’s make the Internet scream this Halloween.

Share the image that most reflects your cell phone frustration:

Price-gouging, erroneous surcharges, extra termination fees, and increasing cell phone bills are sucking the life out of our wallets. If you’d like to slay these cell phone vampires for good, share this image through social media!


You’re locked in tight to a heartless contract; if you try to wriggle free, you’re slapped with a brainless termination fee. If you’d like to disembody restrictive contracts and bury them six feet deep, share this image through social media.

Restrictive Contracts

Encountering a few ghoulish problems with your cell phone? In contacting customer service, you might as well be talking with a ghost. If you’d like to exorcise the lack of respect from cell phone giants, share this image now.