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The thing we love about the open Internet is the way it empowers people. It’s a place where anyone can speak truth to power, spread world-changing ideas, and share their creations.

That’s exactly why powerful interests want to control, monitor, and censor your access to the open Internet. They’re hoping we’ll tire out and let them get back to business as usual.

With your support, we’ll keep fighting until Canadians get the open, affordable, and surveillance-free Internet they deserve.

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Want to donate by cheque? Make your cheque payable to OpenMedia Engagement Network and mail it to: PO Box 21674, 1424 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 5G3.

Want to give to the Open Media Education Fund at Tides Canada and get a tax receipt? The Open Media Education Fund supports the charitable work of organizations working to advance and promote open communications systems. Your donations to the Fund are eligible for a charitable tax receipt from Tides Canada Foundation. Donate to the fund by clicking here.

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