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Toronto Star: Paris attacks put Canada's Internet privacy laws at risk: Geist

Canadians don't need to resign their privacy rights to feel safe. The recent events in Europe point to the urgent need to address C-51 and the inadequacies of Canadian oversight, while strking the right balance in laws that work to safeguard both our security and privacy. 

Article by Michael Geist for the Toronto Star

EU Consultation woes: is this thing on?

It’s been a busy month for digital policy initiatives at the European Commission. If you can believe it, they’re actually running six simultaneous public consultations on digital policies alone (see the full gamut of ongoing consultations here) as they work toward implementation of the Digital Single Market strategy floated earlier this year.

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Topics: Copyright

CRTC's options to filter unwanted phone calls lacking: critic

We all hate those daily telemarketing calls. What's the CRTC doing to protect consumers? Not much, apparently. 

Article by Jonathan Ore for CBC News

The CRTC published a list on Friday of features Canadian telecom customers can use to help protect themselves from unsolicited or telemarketing calls. 

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Topics: Cell Phones

Geist: Signing vs. Ratifying: Unpacking the Canadian Government Position on the TPP

When it comes to Canada's position on the TPP, we hear too often people confusing the the implications of reaching an agreement-in-principle, signing the text, and ratifying the deal. Digital policy expert Michael Geist explains the difference:

Article by Michael Geist

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