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Big Telecom lobbyists are trying to overturn protections for cell phone users.

Canada's telecom regulator, the CRTC, has launched a consultation about potential national rules to protect cell phone customers. Big Telecom’s influence and power over decision-makers threatens Canadian cell phone users—the few rules we currently have are under attack. We need to tell policymakers to build upon and strengthen rules that put Canadians first.

We already pay some of the highest cell phone fees and are forced into some of the most punitive, long-term contracts in the industrialized world.1 We have few protections from the Big Three cell phone conglomerates that control nearly 94% of the market. If the Big Three succeed in overturning protections for cell phone users, this situation will get even worse.

We only have a few days. Let’s stop giant cell phone companies’ assault on our wallets and our time. Please join the over 60,000 Canadians who have spoken out to protect cell phone users.

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[1] In 2009, an OECD study found that Canadians pay some of the highest prices for mobile phone calls in the industrialized world. This was corroborated by a 2010 report from the New America Foundation. More recently, another study found that Canada has the highest roaming fees in the industrialized world.

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